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Article in 'Therapy Today': Understanding what works and why

Understanding what works and why: Sarah Gingell urges counsellors to open their minds to what research can tell them. Page 34 - 37, Therapy Today, July 2017.

[...] "Interestingly, Sarah Gingell’s article on evidence-based practice makes a good counterpart to the debate prompted by the NICE review: can we trust the evidence? So often, external factors (not least, researcher bias) can be seen to distort what is supposed to be a bias-free process. The answer is, of course, always to question and be curious, and never take anything at face value – all good counselling principles." [...]

[...] "The research evidence on which NICE guidelines are based must conform to strict criteria. But there is, of course, a problem with evidence, as Naomi Moller in the News Feature and Sarah Gingell’s article in this issue both explore. Statistical data can be interpreted in many ways, and are by no means untouched by bias. That doesn’t mean we should ignore data; it simply means they cannot be accepted at face value. Be critical, but don’t let your scepticism, or indeed your allegiance to your own particular sacred cow, stop you asking ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’" [...]

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