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'Way of Life' Assessment

Are you feeling stuck?  Does something feel off?  


Perhaps looking at your ‘Way of Life’ could help unlock the answers?


Sometimes we have a sense that we are not getting what we want out of life, or something is not ‘right’, but counselling doesn’t feel like the answer. A clearer picture of how we are choosing to live and why, can be helpful when we feel this way.


I offer a 4 session structured assessment, which will uncover some of those subconscious goals, drives, beliefs, expectations and fears that make sense of why we do what we do. Put simply, we can’t change unless we become conscious of what it is we want to change.  Without awareness, our unchallenged habitual beliefs will continue to pull the strings.


  • Seeing where our beliefs and expectations have come from allows us to question whether they are still fit for purpose in our current world, despite how compelling they may feel. 


  • Identifying our strengths and resources, rather than always focusing on ‘what is wrong’, can give us the confidence and tools to move forward.


  • And starting to look at the structure of our current lives can help us see where our energy is going, what we want more of, and what we’d like to change.


Our present understanding of our world and our role in it, necessarily depends on our past experiences, and how we’ve interpreted them. In the ‘assessment’, we aim to uncover what we believe, expect or fear from ourselves, others or the world - often without realising - and how that affects us today.  


Whilst our feelings, actions and thoughts today are rooted in the past, the past does not predict our future. It’s what we make of our experiences that determines our course, and we can remake our story.  When we change our narrative, we are free to see and understand things differently, and to choose a different path...


Contact me for a chat about whether this assessment might be suitable for you.

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